I have worked in Saatchi & Saatchi for over three and half years, spread across 2 stints. And from my time there, the DNA of the company, its philosophy, which really inspired me. Saatchi’s focus is “to fill the world with ‘Lovemarks’.

The Lovemarks theory is based on a single premise: human beings are powered by emotions, not by reason. Thus, Lovemarks are the brands, events and experiences that inspire 'Loyalty Beyond Reason'.

HCL ME Tablets


Following the worldwide phenomena, PC Tablet sales in India is growing at an exponential rate of 750% (2011-12) with half a million units sold in 2011 alone.

The task for HCL ME Tablets has been much harder, being an emerging brand. Amidst this scenario of fierce competition from established players, HCL ME tablets set out to launch their first real brand communication. 


What we did

During the campaign, Cricket, Bollywood, Music and Social Media have been our pillars for connecting with the target.

We used digital as a guerilla-marketing tool in order to multiply the magnitude of communications impact. We unfolded this campaign across multiple touch points to position ME tablets as change enablers for Middle India. 



Business Objectives: 25% increase in the revenue of HCL ME tablets in Q2 as compared with Q1 of CY2013.

Marketing Objective: 

Achieve TOM awareness for HCL ME tablets and move the brand amongst top 3 brands on the basis of TOM.

ME stands for individuality and modernity and we want to distinctively position the brand for these values. 


Create a product extension for Starbucks that can fuel growth in new categories and connect the brand with global audiences.


Expand the Starbucks App to integrate 'Self-help' Educational content from Lynda.com. Integrating with Reward Points it will allow consumer to continuously engage with Brand. 


Starbucks prides itself with the holistic environment they aim to create. They want to grow by helping the community around to also grow. Partnering up with Lydna.com Starbucks will be able to connect with the consumer on a deeper level through enabling education. Especially in growing Asian markets, where both the Retail Coffee Industry and E-Learning are on the rise.



Kate LaneTaylor See, George Zeigler & Surabhi Batra




Create a innovative blockbuster puzzle concept that generates a positive return on investment.


Helping children with ASD to learn social and motor skills through a modern scavenger hunt game guided by their parents.


Parents are searching for ways to help their children and seeking opportunities to bond and interact.

Expanding the game for children in all age groups and developing a Corporate Version which can be used by companies for employee workshops.



Brand Manager: Kate Lane

Brand Manager: Rian Chandler-Dovis

Brand Manager: Surabhi Batra


To Compare the Cat Food Aisle in Food Lion vs Martin's 

Martin's Cat Food Aisle

Food Lion's Cat Food Aisle


1) Martin's vertically stacks the inventory by Brand, whereas Food Lion follows horizontal segmentation. Food Lion gives prominent shelf placement to fewer number of brands therefore as compared to Martin's.

2) Martin's gives higher prominence to their house brand, whereas Food Lion does not. 

Recommendations for Food Lion

1) Implement vertical stacking across all 3 aisles (Wet, Dry & Litter).

2) In the Wet/Can food aisle further implement vertical segmentation by meat, as it will be easier for customers to see all brand variants within a single meat type. The meat segmentation can be marked by signages which can be used to offer additional branding space.

3) In the Cat Litter aisle implement vertical segmentation by weight as well.


Kate Lane, Troy Gary, & Surabhi Batra