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Task: to create a puzzle game.

Strategy: Build a game that brings a strong emotional value to its users.


“When developing a product, think about the users with the most extreme difficulties first. If you solve problems for them, your product will be more valuable to everyone.”
-Kelly O’Keefe

Helping children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) to learn social and motor skills through a modern scavenger hunt game guided by their parents.


We found an opportunity to elevate the traditional 'scavenger hunt' and 'marco polo' experience– Studies have shown, Guided Play Therapy helps in increasing engagement with children on the spectrum.

With the help NFC technology, we would be able to guide kids to the clues through an interactive app. The game would be featuring educational elements not only like basic shapes, colors and numbers for the clues, but also using facial expressions to help children with recognition of emotions.

Team: Rian Chandler-Dovis (CBM) Kate Lane (CBM) and Surabhi Batra (CBM)

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My Capstone Project is for the Virginia Repertory Theatre – a nonprofit, professional theater company and one of the largest performing arts organizations in Central Virginia.

This project is our final independent study for our Masters program. As a CBM student, we need to apply what we have learned in the classroom and apply it to solve real-life business problems faced by a live client. Under the guidance of our esteemed faculty, we present a comprehensive business plan and creative solutions. The business challenge is to increase the representation of the millennial population among the theater-going audience. My objective is to deliver a strategy that makes theater relevant to the millennial generation and to create an engaging experience which brings them back over and over again to Virginia Rep. The final presentation is on April 20th 2017.

I am also the current Brandcenter PING PONG CHAMPION

Not power, nor speed, my strength in the game is strategy. 

Not power, nor speed, my strength in the game is strategy.