My Favorite Project


We were tasked to create a retail experience for a brand which does not have a physical retail presence.

We chose a controversial brand – PORNHUB.



Core Problem: Porn is seen as destructive and dangerous in the public eye. The PornHub brand is not palatable to a mainstream audience.


Public Space vs Private Space Open Vs Repressed


People aren’t willing to be open and public about their sexual selves because of the possibility of feeling shamed.

Our goal was to create a space. A space which is balanced, where there are no extremes.

From our research, we understood and we realized that the only way to achieve balance is to release the pressure.


Opportunity to build a more refined image for the parent brand.

Act on the brand goal to be at “the confluence of sex and technology”.

Team: George Zeigler (CBM), Kate Lane (CBM), Lindsay Wade (CBM) and Surabhi Batra (CBM)

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HCL ME Tablets (Saatchi & Saatchi)


Following the worldwide phenomena, PC Tablet sales in India is growing at an exponential rate of 750% (2011-12) with half a million units sold in 2011 alone.

The task for HCL ME Tablets has been much harder, being an emerging brand. Amidst this scenario of fierce competition from established players, HCL ME tablets set out to launch their first real brand communication. 


Business Objectives: 25% increase in the revenue of HCL ME tablets in Q2 as compared with Q1 of CY2013.

Marketing Objective: 

Achieve TOM awareness for HCL ME tablets and move the brand amongst top 3 brands on the basis of TOM.

ME stands for individuality and modernity and we want to distinctively position the brand for these values. 


During the campaign, Cricket, Bollywood, Music and Social Media have been our pillars for connecting with the target.

We used digital as a guerilla-marketing tool in order to multiply the magnitude of communications impact. We unfolded this campaign across multiple touch points to position ME tablets as change enablers for Middle India.